We provide specialized, sensitive and collaborative legal guidance for intended parents, gestational carriers, surrogates and donors.

We offer our legal services in the context of:

Creating a family through assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is a collaborative effort. The ART team may include a surrogate and her family, an intended parent or parents and their families, donors, medical providers, attorneys, counselors, a matching agency and an escrow agent. We work cooperatively to help preserve the spirit of shared enterprise among members of the ART team.


It is in the best interests of our clients if every member of the ART team is treated with respect, consideration, and fairness. This approach helps enhance the relationship between intended parents and surrogates and, from a practical perspective, can save time and money. We approach our legal services in this fashion. We strive to offer contracts and legal documents that fairly address the needs of all parties and to foster respectful communication among ART team members.


Our clients deserve prompt, personal, attentive, and timely services. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated. Our goal is to be accessible and available, to return phone calls and emails promptly, and to provide each client with thoughtful, individualized attention. We are responsive to our clientsí needs and timelines, and our billing practices are transparent and reasonable.


Attorney Tim Brewer has spent much of his legal career drafting and litigating complex contracts in a wide range of settings. He has learned that when trial and appellate courts attempt to determine the intentions of litigating parties they often give great weight to contract language. Thus, we believe that the words in the contract -- all the words -- matter. If itís important enough to put in writing and sign, itís important enough to get it right. And we believe that ART contracts are perhaps the most important contracts an individual can sign, dealing literally with matters of life and death, personal services over extended periods of time, and significant amounts of money. Thus, a substantial part of our representation of ART clients is devoted to creating individualized, thoughtful, well-drafted, well-organized, and plain-language written agreements, and to educating our clients about what those agreements mean.