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Adoption can be an intensely personal and life-changing event. Adoption also is a highly specialized area of law where knowledge, experience, and sensitivity matter. It is important to work with an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and in whom you have trust and confidence.

Since 1995, adoption and family formation law have been our primary focus. We are committed to providing skilled, creative, and attentive legal counsel and services for all types of families in all adoption settings: domestic, intercountry, second-parent, private, agency, relative, and adult. We understand the available legal alternatives and we help adopting parents and birth parents explore and determine which of the available options may best fit their needs and circumstances.

Attorney Tim Brewer has earned a reputation for his thoughtful, conscientious, and knowledgeable attention to detail; for his accessible and personalized service to clients; and for good relations with courts, state adoption administrators, adoption agencies, and other adoption professionals. We provide our clients experienced, caring and confidential guidance throughout each step of the adoption process. And at each step we strive to conduct our business in accord with one overriding principle: It is our privilege to serve our clients well and faithfully at this important time in their lives. All families are welcome.